BLANK PROMISCUITY 27 July- 15 August 2012  Open: Friday-Sunday 12-6 


Gill Addison, Julia Bardsley, Wayne Lucas, Kira O’Reilly, Simon Vincenzi, Jacqueline Utley  

Saturday 4 August 2pm guided conversations with Leila Galloway. 

Part of Deptford X contemporary Art Festival 2012 

Building upon the success of Fleeting Resonance, BLANK PROMISCUITY aims to re-surface the notion of furtive excess.  Each practice has a defined subjectivity and distinct sensibility; there is no perceived common ground either formally or conceptually. However when placed in close proximity to each other the inherent singularity of the work presented begins to bleed and fuse to form an exchange where tiers of embellishment emerge and come to light. Proposing a possible pleasure of difference or an awkward and critical dialogue of surface tension.