“between our fingers we experience a contradiction: a sliding sensation of irritation and pleasure, two states of being.”

Anxiety and pleasure, irritation and lust, transition and stagnation jostle with each other for emotional attention: the sculptures can look like poisonously red regency wallpaper, jet black volcanic lava or green velvet lawns, but these associations cannot fully articulate the experience of being with the work. The work consists in the translation of fragments of memory and being into material form.

My visual art practice includes drawing, sculpture and installation, which investigate elegiac, somatic qualities through material. I unravel possible meaning through the systematic, playful and exploratory handling of materials until the final objects present references or triggers for the spectator.

Attention to detail through the repetition of tiny forms creates a feeling of obsessive thoroughness, which contrasts, with an anarchic sense of a loss of control. The inability to perceive the work as simple stable objects, and the creation of a sense of frozen flux, makes a visual promise of a movement which can never be fulfilled. This brings the objects to the brink of a motion, which would destroy them.

Residency deodand-work in progress, Extractor Space, Deptford
Residency deodand-work in progress, Extractor Space, Deptford

















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