EDUCATION: 2012 Postgraduate,Diploma Aesthetics & Visual Art, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP). 1993 H.D.F.A (Sculpture), Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London. 1986 B.A.Hons Fine Art (Sculpture),   Manchester Polytechnic, Manchester. 1983 Foundation Studies, Middlesbrough College of Art, Middleborough.

AWARDS: 2015 June (Internal) DMU, FAP funding for LCB DEPOT residency. 2015 March(Internal) DMU, FAP funding for residency Extractor Space, Deptford, London 2010 Revolving Investment Fund, DMU 9k (seed funding to develop mittencrab). 2008 MacDonald Egan Award, Ghost Trade and the Spectre of Change London, Deptford X. 2006 Award Holder; 38k, AHRC, Arts Council Science and Art Research Fellowship to establish Annie Cattrell as a Research Fellow in Fine Art. 1994 Boise Travel Scholarship (Italy) 6 months of travel. 1990  The Hope Scott Trust (Major Award). 1989 The Scottish Arts Council Assistance Grant. 1987 The Sellena Goodnough Memorial Award. 1986 Hellers Award.

RESIDENCIES & WORKSHOPS: Oct 2019 The Cornwall Workshop July\August 2015  Summer Art Trail’s artist in residence LCB Depot, Leicester City Festival. June\July 2015 Summer Lodge, Nottingham Trent University. April 2015 Artist in Residence, Extractor Space, Old Tidemill School, Deptford, London. Sept 2010 ‘Saying No” Artist in Residence with Sophie Hope for Deptford X:

EXHIBITIONS: 2019: Gatherings (Group Show by members of the art & calenderic practices group hosted by Kate Southworth), The Fishfactory, Penryn, Cornwall. 2015:   TWENTIETH  A.P.T GROUP SHOW, A.P.T Gallery, Creekside, Deptford, London. Extractor, Curated by Wayne Lucas (Group show): Julia Bardsley, Andrew Poppy, Jenna Collins, Leila Galloway, Helena Goldwater, Marty Langthorne, Wayne Lucas, David MacDiarmid, Helen Rousseau, Simon Vincenzi. Extractor Space, Old Tidemill School, Deptford, London. beyond depot (solo show), LCB DEPOT, Summer Arts Trail, Leciester City Feistival.  deodand (solo show), Extractor Space, Deptford, Old Tidemill School, Deptford, London. 2012: Shortlist 5, the Adam Renolds Memorial Bursary, Swiss Cottage Gallery, London. Kathrine Araiello, Aaron McPeake, Anne Redmond, Simon Raven.  July, group show, Ingenious Media, London.2011: Fleating Resonance, Group Show, Julia Bardsley, Wayne Lucas, Jacquie Utley, Gill Addison, St Paul’s House, Deptford X. 2010: Saying No, Artist in Residence with Sophie Hope for Deptford X. Sedia, (group show), Barga, Fossiandora, Lucca, Italy.what we am, (solo show), Maude Mc Cann Gallery, London.The Thought of Stuff,(Co -Curated with Andy Price).Royal Society of British Sculpture & Master Shipwrights Palace:Performed talk by Elizabeth Rosser called ‘Stuffed Pepper’Exhibition; Alison Wilding, Jack Strange, Jonathan Callan, Wayne Lucas, Esmeralda Valencia & Adam Gillam, 2008: Hold, Welding Shed, Creckside, Deptford X, Ghost Trade and the Spectre of Change London (Solo Exhibition supported by DMU and MacDonald Egan). 2007: Recent Fruit, McPherson gallery, Greenwich, London. 2004: Doubtful Pleasure, Harold,Works Deptford, London (supported by Arts Council of England AHRC and DMU). 2002: 10 days in Deptford, APT Gallery, London (co currated with Roxy Walsh). 2000 Open Urban Picnic, Berlin,Germany. 1999: Open Urban Picnic, GatliffSt Depot, London. Dumbfounded Battersea Arts Centre, London.Battersea Arts Centre, London, currated by Mark Harris  (artists included Phyllida Barlow, Nick Bolton, David Burrows, David Cheeseman, Susan Hiller, Yinka Shonibare, Janette Parris) Out of Mind Standort Ausstellungshalle, Frankfurt, Germany (2 Person Show with Annie Cattrell).Manchester Metropolitan Staff Show (Touring) Northview Gallery, Portland, Oregon, & Lane College, Eugene, Oregon, USA. 1998: Not Nothing Nowhere Master Shipwrights House, Deptford, London. Touching Matter Camden Library, London. The Ugly Edge Henry Moore Institute, Leeds (Curated by Elizabeth Rosser). 1997: Virtual Gallery Project with Oil of Ulay, I.T.V and I.C.A, London. [Tracy Emin, A K Dolven, Leila Galloway, Nina Saunders, Pat Whiteread] Rose and Blue St George’s Hospital, London (Curated by Francoise Dupre).A Full Head of Hair Gasworks, London (Curated by Sean Cummings). You are Here R.C.A, London (commissioned and curated by VAA). Eighth Oriel Mostyn Open Oriel Moystyn, Llandudno, Wales. 1996: Pace Gasworks, London (2 person show). APT Open Studio, Deptford, London. Ad Hoc London Artforms, London  (curated by Phyllida Barlow) (with Eric BainbridgeLyndsy Seers, Stephen Johnson) Under the belly and between the dots Margaret Havery Gallery, St Albans, (Solo Show). 1995: The Feel Good Factor London Artforms, London. Nine Talbot Rice, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh. 1994: Turning Up The View, Liverpool. Cardoso Art Tuscany, Italy. Tight The Tannery, London. 1993: Two Thousand Square Feet Whitfield Street, London. 1992-93 Traces of the Figure Touring: City Art Gallery and Museum, Stoke on Trent & Cartright Hall, Bradford, (Alison Wilding, Richard Deacon). 1992: Simple Twist of Fate Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London currated by Eric Bianbridge. 1991: Outta here Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, currated by Douglas Gordon with (Martin Creed, David Shrigly) Inquiry Into 369 Gallery, Edinburgh (Curated by Rose Frain). 1990: Fruitmarket Open Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. New Sculpture from 44 44 Gallery, Edinburgh (Solo Show). 1989: New Work from 44 369 Gallery, Edinburgh (Two Person Show). Fruitmarket Open Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. 44 44 Gallery, Edinburgh (Solo Show). Society of Scottish Artists Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh. 1988 Inverclyde Biennial McLean Art Gallery, Greenock. Fruitmarket Open, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. 44 Gallery, Edinburgh. S.S.A. Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. 1987: Smith Biennial Smith Art Gallery and Museum, Stirling. S.S.W.A. Royal Scottish Academy,Edinburgh.

COLLECTIONS: The Scottish Arts Council, Proctor & Gamble and Private Collections in the U.K, France and Germany.

COMMISSIONS: 2006 Abbots Park, Leyton and Skelton’s Lane Park, Walthamstow (Steel park gates), Waltham Forest Council. 1997 Virtual Gallery –PULSE- Oil of Ulay Colour Collection, 30 sec film, commissioned by Saatchi &Saatchi on behalf of Proctor &Gamble. 1990 The Post Office McLaren Award for The Best New British Animation, Edinburgh International Film Festival (Annual Bronze).

COMMISSIONED ARTICLES 1998 Flick, Cover and pages 6-14 of Radical Philosophy, Jan/Feb, ISSN 01 74470 84986. 1996 Tight Red Fit, Cover of Woman’s Art Magazine June/July (No 70), ISSN 0961 1460. 1995 Under the belly and between the dots, (Artist page) Versus, (No 5, Pages4-5), ISSN 1352 4240.1990 Artist Page, Alba, Volume 1, (No 5, Pages 8-9).

LECTURES + TALKS: 1997 Cathy De Monchaux, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. 1989 Women’s Art Symposium, Edinburgh University (Lecture on own work). 1988 Art and Architecture Symposium, Edinburgh University (Lecture on own work) 1987 Artist Talk, Sockton Prison in conjunction with The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

TELEVISION: 1997 Virtual Gallery – PULSE– 30 Sec Film Commissioned by Oil of Ulay, ITV, 22nd Oct. Virtual Gallery – PULSE – NewsNight, BBC2, 21st Oct. Virtual Gallery – PULSE – The Big Breakfast, Channel 4,21st Oct. 1989 10min Interview on NB, Arts Programme, STV, Aug.

 BIBLIOGRAPHY:2012 Shape present The Adam Reynolds Bursary Shortlist Five and the First Four, Disability Arts online 2004 Miser & Now Nov edition on Pleasure article Doubtful Pleasures by Max Mosscrop. 1999 Dumbfounded, (Catalogue), Alison Green, ISBN 0953642003. Snakes and Latitude, Rob Stone, Tate Magazine, No 18, ISSN 1351 3737 Innovation & Tradition Fine Arts @ Manchester – Catalogue, ISBN 1 900756 07 2. 1998 Touching Life Profoundly – Nancy Proctor, Make, Mar/May (No79). 1997 Editorial – Patricia Bickers, Art Monthly, Nov (No 211). Render Me in Oil – Adrian Searle, Guardian 22nd Oct. You Are Here – Exhibition catalogue, ISBN 1-84715-61-6. A Preliminary Map and Three Grey Furry Figures – Althea Greenan, Make, Feb. /Mar (No74). Being a Bit Fresh – Maria Manco, Make, Jun. /Jul. (No 76). 1996 Under the belly and between the dots – Pamphlet – Heidi Rietmair, Margaret Harvey Gallery. Eighth Oriel Mosten Open, (Catalogue), ISBN 090686350. 1995 Impelling Moment – Phyllida Barlow, Women’s Art Magazine May/Jun. (No 64). The Feel Good Factor – Mark Currah, Time Out Mar/Apr, (No 1284). 1994 Turning Up – Hiedi Rietmair , Art Monthly, Nov., (No 181). 1993 Traces of the Figure – Robert Clark, Guardian, Jan. Traces of the Figure – John Turner, Northern Star, Jan. I Figure I am a Woman – Alison Yarrington, W.A.Magazine, Nov. /Dec 1992 Simple Twist of Fate – Peter Fleissing, City Limits, (No 545). Traces of The Figure – Exhibition catalogue, Stoke on Trent and Cartwright Hall Publication, ISBN 18741402. 1991 Inquiry Into -Hillary Robinson, Alba, (Vol. 1, No 2). Beleaguered But Still Shinning – Murdo McDonald, Scotsman, 11th Feb. Reviews – Claire Henery, Glasgow Herald, 8th Mar. Duplicitous Seductions – Hillary Robinson, List, (No 142). 1990 Reviews – Clare Henry, Glasgow Herald, 28th Aug. Hair Raisers – Lorna J Waite, List, 31st Aug. Edinburgh Art – William Feaver, Observer, 26th Aug. Why Our Position is Not So Critical – Douglas Hall, Scotsman, 25th Aug. 44 + Still Counting – Moira Jeffery, Festival Times, 15th Jul. Open Show – Andrew Gorden Smith, Observer, Jul. Open Show – Murdo McDonald, Scotsman, 26th Jul. Open Closures – Hillary Robinson, List, Jul. Fruitmarket Open – Alan Woods, Glasgow Herald, Sep. 1989 Edinburgh Festival – Murdo McDonald, Scotsman, Sep. Gallery 44 – Lorna J Waite, List, Aug. Open – Claire Henery, Glasgow Herald, Jun. The Critical View – Andrew Gibbon William’s, The Sunday Times, 18th Jun. Open Minus – Alison King, List, Jun. Open – Cordelia Oliver, Guardian, 19th Jun. 369 – Murdo McDonald, Guardian, 19th Jun. 369 – Alice Bain, List, 18th May. 1988 Festival Art – Richard Demarco, Edinburgh & Lothian Post, Sep. Festival Art –  Claire Henry, Glasgow Herald, Sep. Festival Art – Murdo McDonald, The Scotsman, 1st Sep. Festival Art – Douglas Hall, Scotland on Sunday, 22nd Aug. Open – Claire Henry, Glasgow Herald, Sep.

EMPLOYMENT – TEACHING: 1999-to date 0.5 Senior Lecturer, B.A.Hons, M.A. Hons Fine Art, DMU 1993-04 0.4 Lecturer (one year contract). B.A. Hons, M.A. Hons Fine Art (Sculpture), MMU

REGULAR PART-TIME TEACHING: 2003-06 Surry Institute of Art & Design, Farnham (B.A. Hons Fine Art) 1999-03 Wimbledon School of Art (B.A Hons Sculpture) 1994-96 University of Hertfordshire (B.A. Hons 3/D) 1987-90 Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (B.A Hons Sculpture, Ceramics) Edinburgh College of Art & Design (B.A.Hons Jewellery and Silversmith)

OCCASIONAL VISITING LECTURER: 2001 Trent University, Nottingham (B.A. Hons Fine Art). 2002 University of West of England, Bristol (B.A.Hons Fine Art). 1998 Reading University, Reading. (B.A. Hons Fine Art) University of Central England, Birmingham (B.A. Hons Sculpture)1997 Newcastle University, Newcastle (B.A. Hons Sculpture) Slade School of Fine Art, U.C.L, London (B.A. Hons & M.A. Sculpture) 1996 Braziers Summer Workshop, Oxen. 1995-97 Manchester Metropolitan University (B.A. Hons Sculpture). 1994-06 Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education, Cheltenham (B.A. Hons Sculpture). 1993 Coventry University, Coventry (B.A. Hons, Sculpture)

RESEARCH AFFILIATED GROUPS & PEER REVIEW: 2014            Peer Reviewer for a special edition of ADCHE the Journal of Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education to be published in Autumn of 2014 – examine the current demands of teaching Fine Art within Higher Education. The edition was guest edited by Rebecca Fortnum (Middlesex) and Christine Pybus (Crawford, Cork), who convened the strand ‘Challenging Fine Art Pedagogies’ at the Paradox Fine Art European Forum’s Conference in Granada 2013. 2012 Goldsmiths University. The Department of Educational Studies Research Centre, The Department of Politics, The Department of Art, The Department of History and Goldsmiths Students Union: Street Art, Learning and Political Potentialities, Advisor – Steering Group.

EXTERNAL EXAMINER: 2015  Re-validation Panel: BA (Hons) Plymouth College of Art. 2013-17  External Examiner: Skipton College, validated by OU, BA (Hons) Fine Art.    2013-16  External Examiner: Wirral Metropolitan College validated by University of Chester, BA Hons) Fine Art. 2011-14 BIAD, Birmingham, B.A Hons. 2002-7 University of West of England, B.A.Hons Fine Art. 2001-4 Manchester Metropolitan University BA, Hons Sculpture. 2002  External Review Panel, B.A. Hons, Fine Art, Norwich School of Art and Design.

MISCELLANEOUS EMPLOYMENT; 2009-12 Phoenix Festival, art workshops, Bellingham, Lewisham. 2006–09 Artist Workshops, Haberdashers Askes School, Lewisham. 2008 Art Project (year 5 & 6) John Ball Primary School, Blackheath, Lewisham. 2007 Artist Workshops, Lewisham Peoples Day commissioned by Lewisham Council. 2004-07 Art Workshops, Tidemill Primary School, Deptford, Lewisham. 1994-95 Advisor co-ordinator for Talking Loud, Artists Talks, Lewisham Arts, London & Hales Gallery. 1986-91 Co-established / ran 44 an independent Art space in Edinburgh. With financial support from The Scottish Arts Council, Lothian Regional Council, The Scottish Sculpture Trust and The Hope Scott Trust.