recollections after a ramble











































recollections after a ramble, wax and taxidermy crow, 4ft x 8ft x 6inch approx, 2015


25.09.15 – 04.10.15
Private View: Friday 25 September 6-9pm
Open: Saturday and Sunday 26, 27 Sept & 3, 4 Oct, 12-6 pm

Julia Bardsley, Andrew Poppy, Jenna Collins, Leila Galloway, Helena Goldwater, Marty Langthorne, Wayne Lucas, David MacDiarmid, Helen Rousseau, Simon Vincenzi.

Curated by Wayne Lucas

This group show brings together ten artists who have previously held, over the course of a year, residencies and solo shows in The Extractor Space. Utilising in turn the nostalgic flickering sensitivity of the filmic, the seduction of gaudy lighting, the obsessively precise, the disturbingly lurid, or the repetition of performative action, all created installations in response to the dereliction and sensibility of this old Victorian school kitchen. Whether reinventing its role, ruminating on its ruination, or allowing the unsaid to seep from its walls, the works responded to its nooks and crannies and the spectacle of the everyday.

For this show, each artist has been asked to ‘draw’, (in the widest sense of the word), generating new works by revisiting and reflecting on their own installations, tracing their experience of being in-residence. Rather than relying on a direct and immediate interaction with the site, the works will be made at a distance: to consider what could have been, what remains, what could become again, and then placed into the environment they most belong to, returning to their source.