somewhere between

somewhere between by leila galloway


Fleeting Resonance 2011  Exhibiting new work in the ground floor space of St Paul’s House Deptford High Street. The space was transformed into a series of “spatial interventions” that housed individual works aiming to create dialogue between the space and practices. These moments of conversation (fleeting or otherwise) remain core to the works presented and the experience of working in St Pauls’ House. Sometimes tangential, sometimes direct the works offer an insightful view of how diverse practices can affect and charge each other.

somewhere between (20ft x 8ft x 4ft, wax, hair, tape) was exhibited in a group show, Fleeting Resonance in 2011 for Deptford X.

The work was in response to the building where I had a studio. Installed in the stairway of St Paul’s House; using PVC, I restricted the movement between the floors, which suggested a nonfunctional slide: a passage between things. Perched at the top, out of reach were two wax balls; frozen before action; a moment of suspension between action and inertia.